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Highly productive equipment

The use of modern building materials, as a rule, requires involving up-to-date tools and personal protective equipment.

Our employees often work inside silo towers. This requires proper safety equipment and in particularly the respiratory system. We use imported respirators with replaceable filters that protect at 50 MPC. For extreme cases, we have the equipment for self-contained air supply into the silo tower to each worker.

The airless spray coatings for application of lacquers and paints of high viscosity are required for applying various flame retardant and epoxy coatings.

Implementation of structural bonding of concrete structural elements is impossible without an injection pump.

Regularly we are faced with the need to alter someone else's poor quality sealing joints in silo elevator buildings, and we cannot do without devices of ultrahigh-pressure (500 bars and 800 bars). Handling these tasks by other means is either too time consuming and low-qualitatively, or is not allowed at such enterprises.

The specifics of work inside and outside of the silo buildings made of reinforced concrete have led us to the necessity of developing special lifting devices (winches, suspended platforms, struts, etc.).

In addition, carrying out different tasks at grain enterprises requires compliance with heightened prevention for fire and explosion dangers. Therefore, we use only non-sparking tools in such situations.

For optimum selection of equipment, "ALP-PROM" Company regularly organizes practical demonstrations of industrial equipment and actively implements those solutions that optimize cost and effort.

Airless spraying device Grako before operating Dry ice blasting equipment. This device is used if it's impossible to use the sand as an abrasive material Ultra-high pressure apparatus Karcher with a petrol engine. The operating pressure of the washer is 500 bar
The demonstration of thiokol sealant removal The presentation of device Karcher. The operating pressure of the washer is 180 bar, the water temperature is 150 degrees of Celsius The result of high pressure water cleaning with the use of ultra- high pressure apparatus. Bitumen sealant has been removed

The scientific work

Over the last 20 years, capabilities of designers and engineers have increased at times, and the silage buildings, remaining after the Soviet Union, became out of date for so many years. Range of construction chemicals is replenished with useful innovations annually. Nowadays, a lot of the technological solutions of the SRI PromZernoProekt set till the 90-ies of the last century, have lost their relevance.

More extended scientific research is executed under the leadership of the "ALP-PROM" enterprise. Their mission is to link the materials and technologies with existing typical methods developed by PromZernoProekt. This will allow performing more technologically repairs, sealing and even strengthening of reinforced concrete elements of elevator buildings in the nearest future.

Samples for testing Determination of the cube strength of reinforced concrete Determination of the modulus of elasticity of reinforced concrete
The tension test of glued reinforced concrete prisms

Staff Development

We live in an age of technology, and building chemistry is cannot stand aside. Employees of the "ALP-PROM" company regularly participate in workshops, held by the representatives of the Swiss SIKA group in Ukraine. Such activities are an important source of new knowledge and skills for work with modern materials.

At such meetings we exchange experience with our foreign colleagues, who like us are keeping up with the time.

Practical work. Performance of the injection together with the specialists of SIKA Practical work. Performance of the injection together with the specialists of SIKA Seminar. New roofing repair materials (2012)
Seminar. New roofing repair materials (2012) Seminar. New roofing repair materials (2012)

Working with modern materials

Surfing the web is inadequate to learn about the newest construction equipment & materials and their application technology. Moreover, the information on the Internet may not correspond to reality. The specialists of Alp-Prom Company regularly attend Ukrainian specialized exhibitions.  At the exhibition marketers are willing to share experience in dealing with different materials. Some types of materials are tested by our professionals at the special test facility.

Indeed, the introduction of new materials is a risky, laborious and very important work.

Exhibition of Agricultural Technology (2012) Exhibition of Agricultural Technology (2012) Exhibition KievBuild (2012)
Exhibition KievBuild (2012)

Certificates - October 2012

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