Building of new elevators

A modern elevator is a hi-tech productive complex with a carefully thought out engineering structure and CAS. It is not a simple granary; it is a whole enterprise, carrying out the complete complex of loading, processing and storage of grain of competitive quality.

Basic functional elements of elevator complex are:

Silos: capacities for storage of grains set on concrete grounds. Silos are structurally complemented with  head house and subsilo galleries.

Head house galleries are metallic constructions leaning against reinforced bars, an equipment for loading of silos is placed in them.

Subsilo galleries are a tunnel in the foundations of silos, where an equipment for unloading of capacities is placed.

A Receiving-cleaning block is the basic technological system of elevator, providing a reception, cleaning of grain and its distribution to capacities. A block includes, as a rule, the following equipment: cleaning machines (scalperators, separators), grain dryers, norias for getting up of grain into head house galleries, conveyers and system of aspiration. Setting of equipment is needed also for weighing of proceeded product.

A Receiver of grain is intended for the reception of grain from a motor transport or railway wagons.

A system of elevator automation and electrification is the single network guided by an operator; it includes all supervisory and managing devices (sensors, comptrollers) and the complex management programs.

Building of new elevator is a task requiring professional knowledge and understanding of specific of its technological process. Elevator’s work efficiency, term and quality of its exploitation, directly depends on the contractor’s competence and professionalism. Practice shows that bringing in the strictly specialized specialists for building of granaries not only ensures quality warranty, but allows to economize expenses on materials and working hours substantially.

Realization of a project includes the number of the stages:

  • choice of project group and development of project documents;
  • concordance of the project in State institutions and obtaining permissive documentation;
  • choice of models of component parts of elevator, silos;
  • choice of suppliers of the equipment and accessories;
  • construction-works, including assembling of silos and other technological equipment, installation of engineering systems.

Building of an elevator is a labour intensive and expensive project. However it is necessary to understand that not only the term of its exploitation but also its work efficiency depends on the correct choice of an optimal model of the elevator, material and technical equipment, and also works on its maintenance. Key questions, that are necessary to think over, define and estimate before the start of project realization:

  • type and volume of silos;
  • technical decisions of the project, their flexibility and compactness;
  • technological equipment and accessories, their producer or price;
  • type of constructions and their assembling.

Alp-Prom Association has large experience of repair, maintenance and building of elevator buildings of different types. We will help to pick up an optimal technological decision for your business-project, organize and carry out its realization during all stages up to the complete putting of the object into operation.