Erecting and Disassembling Works at Any Height

Working at height is an extremely dangerous stage of building.  Therefore, highly qualified and experienced professionals are required for this kind of work. Industrial climbers and installation engineers, who are equipped with all the necessary tools and climbing equipment, are competent to work at heights. The technology of industrial climbing allows completing of erecting and disassembling works quickly and without superfluous expenses. The professional work of industrial climbers allows doing the high-rise operations without elevating cranes, assemblage of falseworks, etc. Our industrial climbers can perform erecting, disassembling or other works at any height and in hard-to-reach places.

The installation of constructions at height requires special physical abilities of workers and certain professional skills; otherwise, even the smallest mistake can affect the quality and safety. All our workers have passed the necessary training and practice for working at height, connected with installation of high altitude constructions without elevating and lifting machines.

Erecting and disassembling works are important steps in construction, redevelopment or complete removal of buildings and constructions. Each stage of the work should be carefully planned and coordinated.  Therefore, the preliminary examination of the construction is required. Special attention should be paid to the location and technical characteristics of supporting structures and service lines. The general status report should be made before disassembling works have been started. Sometimes special building equipment is required. 

Erecting works at height include: 

  • Installation of various equipment onto the facades of buildings; 
  • Installation of air conditioners, ventilation, air ducts, etc.;
  • Installation of the outdoor advertising;
  • Installation of lighting systems;
  • Installation of steel structures;
  • Roof installation, etc.

Disassembling works are possible for any type of constructions. They also include construction debris removal service.

Welding at height is obviously a very difficult work. According to the current normative documents, specialists should have at least 6-th category to be allowed to do this kind of work. Welding at height requires special equipment for workers which both ensures safety and allows them to move freely. 

Sometimes, it can be necessary to remove a construction which has a monolithic or precast concrete grain storage section. As a rule, it is connected with the building of a new grain elevator complex. 

If the construction has a precast concrete grain storage section, the elements of the building frame can be removed with the help of cranes. This work has to be complied with the specified project plan. Step by step the following operations should be done: destruction of concrete; removing (filling) of joints, cutting fittings in joints of embedded parts and other elements. While doing those works, special attention should be paid to the reliable fixation of the disassembling construction in order to avoid its accidental displacement. For that purpose the following equipment have to be used: lifting and strapping tools, braces, crosspieces and some others.

Depending on the volume of the construction and terms, disassembling works can be done in three ways: mechanically, manually or with a help of explosives.

The manual method of disassembling can be used in case of small amount of work, or if other methods contradict with the regulations and standards.

The mechanical method of disassembling can be provided by the use of pneumatic and electrified tools and special machines for masonry and concrete deterioration. Besides, mechanization of loading and transportation of destroyed materials should be also taken into consideration. If time allows, it is also possible to make a careful disassembling of each element of the construction with the purpose of saving components and assemblies of the building. 

The explosive method is rather rarely used in the terms of the functioning industries because of its seismic impact on the environment. However, if the situation allows, it is reasonable to use special blast-hole charges and camouflaged harmless explosion. Besides, it is important to use various localizers in order to prevent destroyed elements from spreading around.

During reconstruction of buildings, disassembling work is a very difficult task. Therefore, all the issues of complex mechanization within disassembling work should be carefully planned in the test plan with the proper technical and economic substantiation of the accepted variant of work realization. 

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