Clearing bulk materials out of storage facilities

One of the main issues encountered when operating large-sized self-unloading containers intended for temporary storage of bulk materials is the caking, freezing-up of the material inside and the inability to fully utilize this container.

For the appropriate functioning of any bulk storage, you should properly choose its design, especially the angles of inclination of the surfaces at the outlet openings, their location, and ensure timely repair of structures and equipment. Unfortunately, very often, even that factor does not preclude the manifestation of such situations due to the properties of the material itself.

Arching, bridging of bulk materials, deposition of bulk materials on the bottom and walls of a storage facility due to the caking of the material is generally a consequence of a number of reasons and has not  been fully studied to date.

The behavior of bulk materials in a storage facility is influenced by such characteristics as bulk weight, angle of repose, coefficient of friction, horizontal to vertical pressure ratio, viscosity, particle size distribution, as well as temperature and humidity differences.

The decision on the need for internal cleaning of the storage capacity is taken after detecting formed lumps, the heterogeneous structure of the bulk material, more frequent filling cycles, which is due to the fact that the hopper is not completely emptied.

Most often, silos and hoppers of industrial facilities in the food, chemical, mining industries, at cement and precast concrete works have to be cleaned using industrial climbing methods.

The technology for carrying out work should be planned in advance and comply with the developed rules for ensuring industrial safety for production facilities carrying out work on the processing and storage of materials. Skilled professionals inspect the condition of the hopper or silo, take samples of accumulated material, and based on the data received, experts develop a technology and organization of work.

At grain elevators, mills, mining and processing plants, in silos of cement works the employees of our company are successfully dealing with the challenges of clearing bulk materials out of storage facilities.