Cement Plant Silos Cleaning

Currently, one of the indirect indicators that show the level of development of a country is the cement consumption. Cement as the most common binding material is used in industrial and civil engineering. Cement consumption has grown recently owing to the widespread use in the construction of roads and railways, bridges, airports, huge cast-in-place frames of buildings of railway stations and entertainment centers  and shopping malls, and in the skyscraper and housing construction. Cement is traditionally a leader in the construction of industrial facilities, power plants, and hydraulic structures.

Therefore, it is not surprising that cement is called the bread construction.

Cement production is associated with the need to store it in huge containers that can withstand the accumulation of dense bulk material.These containers are called cement bins and silos. These are solid-cast, reinforced concrete and metal silos. Bulk materials tend to form arches in a confined space; sometimes, containers become clogged; deposits and pickups are formed; and under certain conditions of temperature difference, cement is transformed into a stone-like mass. The need for timely removal of residues and formed solids prompts manufactures to seek help from industrial climbers.

Professionals, who already have experience in the silos of cement plants and are allowed to perform such hazardous work, go down inside the silo and, after having examined the condition of the structure and contents, determine the method and plan of work.

An increased level of dust during the performance of such work is a significantly adverse factor; therefore, it is mandatory to use special personal protective equipment, along with dust removal systems.

Typically, the practice shows that 60% of the silos are in the degree of moderate complexity, and the remaining 40% are divided in half into the light and heavy degree of complexity for cleaning the silos.  The cement removal method for each category varies in using different tools and equipment, the number of workers and labor hours; therefore, the inspection of a silo with cement and the assessment of its condition by an expert are initially important. A great number of silos owing to long-term operation require inspection of the condition of structures for safety in the further operation of the storage facility. Defects detected and eliminated on time can save the company from significant major repair costs, and in some cases prevent a tragedy.

The employees of our company have experience in cleaning cement silos in Ukraine, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. We offer  a long-term cooperation in cleaning silos and bins of facilities from cement, concrete mortars, construction mixtures using advanced cleaning and safety technologies up to the direct air supply to the specialist cleaning the silo.