The Special Works Implementation

"ALP-PROM" successfully resolves all the main problems associated with major repairs of buildings of silo towers. We select the best materials, equipment, learn and master technologies, as well as develop optimal algorithms. Still sometimes, we face some non-standard problems that are unique for a particular production. Here are some examples:

1. Some littered grain remnants are accumulated and compacted inside silo towers for several years. When opening the pillar gate the grain hangs above the floor forming a continuous arch. In some cases, it can reach a height of 25 meters! The staff working at elevator cannot cope with this problem on their own.

2. Overheated grain (or mixed fodder) turns into a solid mass and poisons the air inside the silo tower. The process of self-warming of the grain proceeds. This can lead to an explosion. Formerly in the cases like this, the equipment and floors were to become quickly disassembled in order to remove poisonous explosive mass.

Today to solve similar problems, we use special drills and lifting gear that prevent sparking forming; appropriate personal protective equipment, as well as including autonomous air supply provided each worker.

We also restore metal bottom silo towers which are completely torn off or which have lost half of their fasteners.

Increasingly, we face the necessity of removing poor-quality silage sealing joints in elevator buildings. This situation occurs when the seam sealer is not fulfilling its functions. The reason for this is that initially the sealant was improperly selected, or it was improperly mixed or applied incorrectly. Typically, this involves the complete removal of the present sealant, which is very time-consuming, hard work, requiring special equipment.

High-altitude work is an organized teamwork for solving complex problems. It requires a high level of team spirit, both horizontally and vertically. "ALP-PROM" team is ready to solve non-standard problems creatively and individually.

Силос со слежавшимся комбикормом Бурение в силосе со слежавшимся комбикормом Погружение в силос с воздухом, отравленным газами
Работа в силосе с воздухом, отравленным газами Силос после зачистки от слежавшегося комбикорма Зерно с продуктами гниения, вычищенное из силоса
Силос со слежавшимся зерном Силос со слежавшимся зерном Силос со слежавшейся пылью
Силос со слежавшейся пылью Силос со слежавшимся зерном Альпинист после зачистки в силосе
Зависшее днище силоса с оборванными креплениями Обрушившееся днище силоса Полное удаление предыдущего герметика аппаратом сверхвысокого давления
Сверление пересыпных окон в силосе
Полное удаление предыдущего герметика аппаратом сверхвысокого давления Сверление пересыпных окон в силосе