Technical Inspection, Photo and Video Filming, Building Evaluation Service, Assessment of Engineering Systems and Issue of an Expert Decision

Such services as technical inspection and building evaluation are considered to be difficult and complex. Alp-Prom Association has been working in the construction industry since 1995. Our company has branches in almost all regions of Ukraine. We have accumulated rich practical experience and have earned a good reputation, sufficient for the independent evaluation service and issuing expert decisions. 

The site visit by the experts is required for technical inspection. Photo and video filming can be also conducted if necessary. Our experts have rich experience in dealing with buildings of various types for different purposes. Our experts are therefore familiar with all the key points of buildings which require special attention. Besides, our specialists can help you with verification of compliance with state regulations and standards. 

Technical inspection includes: 

  • Complex inspection of a building;
  • Inspection of seams and joints of the constructions;
  • Maintenance check of materials;
  • Suitability test evaluation if necessary;
  • Recommendations on building maintenance and repair.

We can also make a requirement specification for renovation, forward estimate and other necessary technical documentation. Besides, we can help you choose highly quailed building contractors. 

Our company has accumulated rich experience in dealing with grain elevators. We offer complex assessment of grain elevator constructions. It is an important stage in case of selling, buying, renting, reconstruction or preventive-maintenance overhaul of a grain elevator.

Complex assessment of grain elevators can include:

  • Detailed examination of a grain elevator;
  • Visual inspection;
  • Mechanical inspection;
  • Diagnostic operation;
  • Recommendations on operate reliability growth of the grain elevator.
CAUTION! Diagnostics of the external walls of the monolithic round silo (6m in diameter) Diagnostics of the external walls of the monolithic round silo (6m in diameter) Diagnostics of the square monolithic silo
The repair request form The damaged and defective armature The beacon is installed at the outer wall of the monolithic silo
The initial appearance of the defect The appearance of the defect after the tapping with a fitter's hammer The area of the facade monolithic wall before the tapping
The external wall defects measurement after the tapping the monolithic round silo (6m in diameter)
The examination of the verticality of the installed mast