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Currently, there is a noticeable shortage of grain elevators in Ukraine. Grain yields have increased significantly in the country. Specifically, in 2011, they amounted to 57 million tons, while the capacity of Ukrainian grain storage facilities is only about 32 million tons. Further, ever-changing laws and regulations impede the export of grain to other countries, which poses a serious problem for farmers with the storage of grain crops. And this is despite the fact that in 2011 alone, more than 10 large grain elevators were commissioned. The point is that the agribusiness industry ensures increasing profits and has a high level of investment attractiveness. The land bank owned by agricultural holdings is constantly growing and expanding. Accordingly, the demand for grain elevators is increasing.

Nowadays, there is a wide choice of grain elevators varying in design, equipment and capacity. The requirements for the quality of grain processing have increased; a lot of old grain elevators have become obsolete. Their upgrading is possible; however, the condition of the old grain elevators is such that the construction of new grain storage facilities that meet modern standards is financially more advantageous.

Modern grain elevator facilities typically comprise metal silos that are fitted with a ventilation system, provided with a conveyor system, equipped with cleaning and drying systems, and have grain condition monitoring system.
A wide range of silos of various capacities allows choosing the best size of grain elevator for both large agricultural holdings and small companies.

Modern grain elevators are provided with equipment of both Ukrainian or Russian and foreign manufacture by USA, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Poland, Argentina.

When purchasing grain elevators, the customer faces a number of challenges:
- Calculating the optimum performance capacity;
- Choosing the manufacturer and components;
- Checking the compliance of the grain elevator and its process cycle with existing national standards.

In addition, consideration must be given to the proximity of competitors, and the rapid growth of investment projects related to grain elevators makes it a challenging task. Specifically, in 2012 alone,  a number of grain storage facilities with a capacity of 50 to 400 thousand tons were scheduled to be put into commercial operation. Grain elevator park will mainly grow in the Kirovohrad, Kherson and Ternopil regions in Ukraine.

ALP-PROM, having a long-standing and wide experience in dealing with grain elevators, offers qualified assistance in acquiring elevators, be it the purchase, supply and installation of a new facility or the assessment and upgrading of an old complex.

ALP-PROM has at its disposal one-of-a-kind archives of Promzernoproekt Research Institute, whose staff members designed most of the grain processing and storage facilities in the republics of the Soviet Union and its friendly countries. Design documentation is the basis in the construction and operation, assessment of the condition, repair and reconstruction of grain processing facilities and elevators. This information is required when selling such significant facilities, and we can provide it to both the seller and the new owner of the facility.

By constantly monitoring the situation of the grain elevator market in Ukraine, we have a special database of owners, sellers, and suppliers of grain elevators. Through the use of our database, we will help you to find the right model for the best price, and prompt you how best to equip it. If you purchase a used grain elevator, we, being fully aware of all the subtleties of the design, will help you to adequately assess its condition. If necessary, we will make an estimate for the repair or upgrading of the facility. And of course, we can make repairs of any complexity.

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