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    ALP-PROM is a cutting-edge team of highly-qualified professionals working in the Ukrainian agricultural market from 2005 through the present. The main and distinguishing feature of the company is to carry out work at height using industrial climbing methods, which allows performing work in hard-to-access and hazardous places with observance of safety regulations.

    Indeed, for such a long period of existence, by keeping pace with the times and taking advantage of the latest achievements of science and technology in the industrial sector, as well as by using state-of-the-art techniques, equipment and materials, ALP-PROM has gained tremendous experience in providing the following services:

    • – Comprehensive repair of grain elevators;
    • – Corrosion-prevention treatment for steel structures of companies’ facilities;
    • – Repair and reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures;
    • – Assembly and disassembly work;
    • – Survey, technical inspection and assessment of grain elevator structures and industrial buildings;
    • – Repair and reconstruction of industrial facilities;
    • – Renovation and strengthening of structures of pre-failing and failing buildings;
    • – Provision of expert findings based on the results of technical inspections.

    By cooperating with ALP-PROM you get:

    • – A reliable and responsible partner;
    • – A professional approach to customer’s requirements;
    • – A search for optimum technical solutions during work performance;
    • – Workplace safety;
    • – Proper maintenance of technical documents;
    • – Compliance with regulatory documents and local statutory instruments in force at the Customer’s site;
    • – High quality of work performed;
    • – Performance of work within the time limits stipulated in the Contract;
    • – Fulfillment of warranty commitments.

    By opting for ALP-PROM, you can be sure that you have made the right choice and will get a trustworthy result!

    We accept cryptocurrencies for our services.

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